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VIOSO 6 SIM Released- a new milestone for projection calibration

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

We launched a new software with some significant changes...

Dear friends of VIOSO SIMULATION ,

The day, we've been waiting for has arrived! Today we present to you the most powerful version of our software yet: VIOSO 6 SIM ! And it is also particularly important for us SIMULATION guys.

In this latest version you will find several new functionalities:

  • A visual project designer to assist the set-up of complex projects, with multiple servers, projectors, cameras and eye-points. No more (.ini) files!

  • A project workflow that allows you to navigate back and forth through different steps of your calibration setup, including observer correction

  • A 3D calibration interface ensures that even the most demanding simulation setups can be realized with outstanding quality and linearity.

  • We integrated 30 export possibilities directly in the tool, including major simulation applications.

  • The camera calibration process itself received a major update, with improved stability, extended extrapolation features and new algorithms.

  • The calibration inspector ensures you have control over your calibration. And countless more smaller updates that you will surely enjoy!

VIOSO 6 sim will improve constantly over the next year with exciting features up to come - be curious! Trailer-Video

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